At SOIGNÉ (swänˈyā), we take a modern approach to luxury through an unwavering focus on craftsmanship, premium materials, thoughtful design and customer empowerment. Our brand ethos rests upon creating products that exude style on the outside while exemplifying honest quality on the inside.

We believe all consumers should understand the makeup of a product and why it is important so they are empowered to make informed purchasing decisions. Which is why when you purchase a SOIGNÉ watch we want you to know exactly what you are getting. This includes the country of origin, the quality of components, and understanding the workmanship that goes into each piece we create.

We are more than just a watch. We are bigger than the trends and bigger than a status-driven symbol.

We are luxury modernized.

Learn about Our Standards and Commitments to you here.

Amanda & David | SOIGNÉ Co-Founders